Baptism is a mark of God’s all-embracing love. It’s a significant moment when one becomes a member of the Church, regardless of  age. We at St. Luke’s want to welcome you into our community. When people say ‘yes’ to Baptism, they are saying ‘yes’ to God’s embracing love, and God’s desire for us to belong to the community of God.

If you would like to have your child baptised, or you would like to be baptised yourself, at our beautiful church, please contact Father Andrew Eaton on (02) 4955-9544

Baptism Schedule:

Baptism is a sacrament that involves the whole Christian community. Therefore it takes place at the church font and is usually celebrated during the 7.30am or 9.30am Sunday Eucharist. In special circumstances it may be possible to arrange baptism at another time by speaking with Fr Andrew.